Creation of environments

As professional landscape architects, we enjoy working closely with both private and public clients to help them realize their intentions and create sustainable, healthy and visually elegant environments to live in. Our work focuses on a wide range of realistic design project briefs that include multifunctional landscapes of large scale either public or private such as cultural spaces, urban plazas and parks, hotel resorts, campuses, playgrounds, residential gardens based on creative design proposals through sustainability and aesthetics in an interwoven comprehensive approach that creates a landscape envelope, experienced with all our senses, felt and remembered, made as the center of a whole world. Environmental issues are introduced in landscape design proposals, from the urban scale to the site-specific scale while emphasis is also placed on achieving the best quality through the use of meticulous landscape detailing, construction and use of landscape media (landform, plants, water, and structures) as well as the fundamental principles of design (function, size, proportion, form, pattern, texture, color, movement, pause, scale and place) in order to design human spatial experiences.

Integrating an architectural, landscape architectural and arboricultural background, our design philosophy strongly advocates a close relationship between architecture, construction/materials and the environment based on a holistic approach of design that incorporates the characteristics of the surrounding landscape (context, form, and microclimate) and develops beautiful, ecologically constructive, socially vital, and built to endure landscapes. Our passion for landscape materials and the craft of construction inspire and contribute to innovative, functional, aesthetic and well executed landscape environments which anchor themselves in the hearts and minds of the people who experience them. Design and integrated infrastructure can be a primary mechanism for addressing healthy and sustainable environments, and it is from this perspective that we construct urban landscapes beneficial to humans and natural systems through landscape patterns and forms. Our design brief addresses an ongoing exploration in the realm of contemporary environment as it relates to humans and natural systems and the ways they impact the ability of people to take part in the life of vibrant, healthy environments, be they urban, rural, or wild.