Costas Zilemenos, co-founder of «Zilemenos & Vissilia Landscape Architects» holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, following his Bachelor degree from the Agricultural University of Athens, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology.

Born in Spata, a town known for its vineyards through time, Costas started working as an agronomist. His job gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the country, enjoying the natural beauties and sensing the intense contrast inherent in Mediterranean landscapes. Landscapes where ancient civilisation remains blended in with modern structures, creating a timeless mixture.

His experience combined with his genuine interest in the evolution of modern man’s relationship with the landscape led Costas to become professionally involved with urban green architecture, initially in the field of sales and eventually in the fields of landscape design and construction.

Throughout his 10 year presence in design, construction and maintenance of private works, he has been focusing on strong concept and theme landscaping, allowing for the Mediterranean character to emerge in his works.

Costas places emphasis on the clients’ needs and requirements, presenting in his proposals an integrated and inviting space narrative.

Next to residential gardens, in his works portfolio, stand out works of landscape architecture for education complexes, school yards, botanical gardens, roof gardens, office buildings, public spaces etc.

Anna Maria Vissilia co-founded Zilemenos&Vissilia Landscape Architects in 2017 after practicing free lance landscape architecture for more than 20 years concurrently with her various academic appointments.

Anna Maria holds a PhD in Landscape Architecture, a Master’s Degree of Science in Architecture and a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania, USA. She has also earned a Master in Architecture at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Architecture and she is a registered landscape architect/architect in the Technical Chamber of Greece and an active member of the International Federation of Landscape Architects.

Academically, she served as an Adjunct Lecturer at Agricultural University of Athens, Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture (2008-2012), at National Technical University of Athens, School of Civil Engineering (2004-2008), and at Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Architecture (2000-2002). Currently, she is Lecturer at Agricultural University of Athens, Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture and she teaches courses and studio design in Landscape Architecture at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

As a professional landscape architect, her landscape design vocabulary reflects her modernist heritage, her creativity with contemporary issues, her sensitivity to site and material expression, as well as her ability to make landscapes and buildings one interlocking, interdependent system ranging in scale from the details to the urban scale. Anna Maria enjoys working closely with both private and public clients to help them realize their intentions and create sustainable, healthy and visually elegant environments to live in. She is an educator who strongly keeps a hand in landscape practice with an interest in creative design proposals through sustainability and aesthetics in an interwoven comprehensive approach. Throughout her career, Anna Maria has been widely distinguished, through awards and publications, as being sensible to the creation of high quality and site specific landscapes that strongly interconnect man, nature, and culture. Her landscapes revolve around exciting and novel uses of space arrangement and movement within, landscape architectural construction detailing and application of body-centered ideas to achieve dynamic, diverse, colorful and sound environments.